July 18, 2012

Dark Knight

So... here's the thing.
Working at the Megaplex theater gives me a grand opportunity to go to first screenings of the movies coming out...
And, well, tonight we are screening The Dark Knight Rises (Batman).
Uh, yeah.
I must go!
I just L-O-V-E Batman!
But here's where the problem lies.
Dan. Dan is my movie-going partner! And he wants to see it too, right?
So, should I just go tonight and then watch it with him later? OR should I skip tonight so we can both be in suspense as to what happens when we watch it?
I guess I have a few hours to decide. It doesn't start til midnight (so late. kill me. haha)

1 comment:

Nathan and Kristen said...

Go with the hubby! It is pretty cool you can see movies ahead of time though. I like your job.