July 26, 2012


Urga-burga-bloo-bla-bloo-blab. That's pretty much how I'm feelin' right now haha I have all these thoughts in my mind of how I want to decorate my house and how I want to be crafty with scrapbook type stuff and how I want to organize my house but I have no $moo-la$ to do it all. Also, we have so much stuff in our house and our trailer and our garage for a multi-family garage sale this weekend (including that piano) that I'm beginning to feel a bit on the claustrophobic/stressed side of things. Dan does not quite understand this feeling. Poor guy. OR rather, lucky guy. haha AND in my mind, I'm wondering how I ever managed to shop and cook meals for Dan and I everyday cause now that we have some food in the house, I'm totally drawing a blank on all my previous "wifey" knowledge... 

The good news in all this, though, is the fact that we have an entire box of coconut popsicles all for me in the freezer right now. 

I think I can make it through.

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The Jackson's said...

Since you want to get your crafty side on, you should totally keep the piano and re-finish it...then sell it if you don't have room for it. I wish so bad I could come to your yard sale!