July 16, 2012

Fishie Fishie Fishie

This weekend has been good.
Dan and I had an entire day off together on Friday and it was wonderful.
We went to lunch together at the Hong Kong Buffet.
We tried out the new ice cream place here in Cedar: Sub Zero (Totally cool to watch. They make your ice cream right in front of you with liquid nitrogen!).
We went fishing at the lake on the hill and I even caught a fish! (Dan only caught 14... not as impressive haha)
We had dinner at Brandon and Krystel's house then we all went to The Greenshow for the Shakespearean Festival at SUU.
We went fishing again after that and I saw the most amazing sunset.
That was a good day ♥ Being with Dan makes me so happy

Saturday I had a meeting in St. George for Megaplex orientation at 7am. So fun (Please sense the sarcasm..)
I only fell asleep for a brief moment and I realized some people are so dumb haha it definitely made things better sitting in between Becca, Kaylie Hadlock, and Denny Munson so we could laugh at all the comments
After the meeting, Paisha, Landon, and I stopped by In 'N Out on the way home then we all worked the afternoon at the theater.
When I was finally done with work at 530pm, I was tired and didn't feel good (thank you, soda and ice cream) so instead of hitting up The July Jamboree like we do every year, we went to my family's house for a minute to get me some meds for my stomach (we think I have an ulcer) then Dan took me to dinner at The Pizza Factory.
We tried a new pizza there and got salad bar. It was heaven!
We then decided we'd better go see The Amazing Spiderman so we stopped at Wal-mart to get some treats (aka taffy!) haha and then went to the movie
We LOVED this Spiderman SO much better than the other 3 with Toby stupid-face. You must go see it!

Sunday, we went to church and then to my parents' for lunch. Navajo tacos! Mmmm! Thanks Mom and Dad ♥
After lunch we all played cards together (Nerts and Farkle Frenzy--definite family faves!) and then Dan and I headed home to take a nap.
At 730pm we went to Amber and Dan's for Whitney's birthday party.
Amber made some yummy rootbeer float cupcakes that tasted just like you were having a rootbeer float!
And after everyone else left and Chloe was put to bed, Amber, Dan, Dan, and I played Xbox Kinect games and told stories that made us laugh our butts off. Dan Shoemake is hilarious! haha
We left their house at about 11pm and realized we hadn't had dinner yet.
Lucky for us, Dan's mom and dad had just made spaghetti so we went over to their house and ate dinner then played Oh Heck (Another family fave) before heading home at 1230am.

Love weekends like this ♥

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dani bentley said...

hey where is sub zero in cedar?