July 12, 2012


Yesterday I went to The Canyon Park to hang with some friends from work and I ended up swimming in the creek for the first time... fully clothed. haha It was fun AND I found a fabulous new way to eat pepperoni pizza from Little Caesar's; "smothered". What does "smothered" mean, you ask? Oh, it's glorious. Get this, they cover the entire pizza in that delicious stuff they put on the crazy bread! You must try it! I can't even eat their pizza regular-way now!

Also, the Ren Fair is back again in all it's glory. Dan and I went yesterday while he was on a break for work. I wish I would've taken pictures! We had a good time holding hands, walking around to all the shop booths set up in the park. I even got a 10 minute massage from a real massage therapy guy and, oh my glory, it felt SO good! I tried to get Dan to get one too but he said I needed it more (totally untrue but he's always putting me first ♥).  Then we got snowcones and Dan went to work and I went to Wally World (aka Wal-Mart). I bought me some hair dye (Surprise! I'm a darkie again) and some watercolor pencils so I can be artsy.

When I was done shopping, I headed over to Quizno's so that Dan could turn my car on and tell me why it kept sounding weird when I'd start it up. Well, that's when my car died. Right in the Quizno's parking lot. Dead. Apparently the battery died. So Dan took it out, left work a minute, and drove to Wal-Mart with me to buy a new one to replace it so I could drive home. How lucky am I to have such a wonderful husband who is my hero when it comes to fixing my car?? Pretty lucky, I'd say! 

I made it home, dyed my hair by myself (haha that went well...), and then drove up to the 8 to watch People Like Us with Steph. It was a really good movie AND I loved being able to spend time with my sister. It seems like I hardly see her anymore, now that she's moved out of my parents' house so it was good to be able to have some fun together and talk after the movie.

While we were in the movie, Dan went fishing at the lake on the hill with Brandon, Krystel, and Cody. Lately he's been obsessed with fishing haha ...him and my dad... I swear... haha But I'm glad he's found something he likes to do.

He and Cody met up with Steph and me after the movie and we all headed over to Denny's to have some dinner. Second night in a row eating there for Dan and me haha Oh yeah, we're cool like that.

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Janalee said...

You just blew my mind about smothered pizza...Wow.