July 31, 2012

Yankee Yard Sale

Saturday morning, Dan and I got up very early and headed outside to set out all of our stuff on our lawn and driveway to have a yard sale (day #2). When it was all set up, we sat back on the futon we were selling for Dan's mom and waited for people to show up. Promptly at 8am we had a few come by and look around but no sales. I turned to Dan and said, "Honey, I don't think we're going to sell very much today because we sold most of our 'bigger items' yesterday and no one seems very interested..." Yeah, I'm an optimist haha So this is when I swear Dan set out to prove me wrong. From that point on, our street was packed with cars; people were coming and going, buying and browsing! I was floored! I told Dan that it was only because of what I said so he should be thankful I had no faith ;) haha Although I'm sure it had more to do with the fact that my cute hubby was out there being a pro yard salesman. Needless to say, after selling most of everything we started with and ending up with a profit of nearly $600 ($800 when you add in what everyone else made), I will never again doubt when Dan says he wants to do a yard sale.

Also, Sunday night we went camping with Caleb and Christina at Yankee Meadows. It rained pretty much the whole time but it was a lot of fun. We stayed in Dan's cargo trailer that doubles as our camp trailer and played games all Sunday night then we went fishing for a bit on Monday morning. The rest of our Monday was spent moving Becca's furniture into her new place for her, cleaning our house so it's ready to show to future renters on Wednesday, and putting in a new ceiling fan and fixing the floor in our laundry room. Dan and I were definitely busy yesterday. We are really started on the packing now because we move in 16 days! Ahhh! I'm stressin' about work, money, vacations we have planned and getting our house cleaned and ready to go in that amount of time but I'm also excited. It'll be good. (Just breathe, Liz! Just breathe.)


Nathan and Kristen said...

dang!!! That is one amazing garage sale! Go you! Also, I'm jealous. I want to go camping. Mostly I want this baby out of me but camping sounds SO fun!!!

Melissa said...

tell dan i'm liking his red beard. and congrats on the yard sale!