June 1, 2012

Oh, Hello!

Can you believe it's already June 1st?!?
It's come so fast! Geesh!

But it makes me happy. Summer is upon us, people! And it's glorious!

Funny story from yesterday:
We borrowed my grandpa's four wheeler ramps the other day to go up the mountain with our four wheeler and we went to bring them back to him yesterday morning.
The night before, my mom had text Dan to say that my grandpa needed them back ASAP because he needed to use them and did not want them stolen out of our truck or anything.
Well, yesterday morning, Dan gets up and goes out to the truck to make sure he has the four wheeler ramps to return to my grandpa on his way to work.
Shortly after that, I get a phone call from Dan asking if I'd taken the ramps out of the truck.
I told him I had not and both of us had a mini panic attack thinking of all the places they might possibly be.
He checked the truck again, he checked the garage, he called his brothers to see if they may have possibly left them out of the truck when they got done landscaping the day before, and he even drove back out to the house they landscaped to see if they had fallen out of the truck or been left behind but to no avail.
No ramps.
So he called me back and said, "Maybe your mom came to pick them up. But I don't think she would." To that I said, "Oh heck no! There's no way I'm calling my mom to find out if she has them. She'll be so mad we lost them!" 
So, with that, we decided our only option would be to buy my grandpa some new ramps that looked like his did and explain to him what happened.
And then we did just that. We checked all the ATV dealerships in Cedar and finally found some like my grandpa's at Ron's Sporting Goods on Main. Price? $150. (Kill me)
After work, I called my grandpa to tell him I was on my way to his house with the four wheeler ramps. He said, "What? How can you bring them to me? I thought they'd been stolen!" And I, thinking my mom must have told him we lost them, just told him I'd be over with some different ones. He said, "What do you mean different ones?" So then I, thinking he was mad, just told him I'd see him soon.
When I got to his house, I pull out the new ramp we'd bought and my grandpa starts laughing!
I immediately started in with the apologies and explaining to him that we thought it must have fallen out of the truck and that we were really sorry and that we'd never ask to borrow his things again.
Then you know what he did? He laughed again! And he said, "Well didn't you get your text message?? I came and got it out of your truck this morning around 10:30am!" (About 15 minutes before Dan went to look for it)
Haha! Seriously!!?? I'm glad he had them but talk about the panic we got from the whole thing! I didn't get any texts from that man! haha

So now we have a four wheeler ramp that Dan can use at will for his landscaping company (they're thinking of getting a riding lawn mower) and in the future when we have our own four wheelers, I guess... haha gees.

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Nathan and Kristen said...

HAha! too funny! I seriously can't even believe it's June. I feel like we were just in January. Seriously. So weird!