June 21, 2012

Sneaky, Sneaky

I am pretty sure that Dan has some sort of surprise something in the works for my birthday. He's being very sneaky ("sneaky sneaky, sir" - name that movie!) and I know something's up. Hmmm... wonder what it could be. I have a cute husband!
Speaking of Dan, he hiked Kannarra Falls yesterday with Krystel. They practically raced up it... hence, why I chose NOT to go. I'm more of a "check out the scenery and leisurely walk" kind of girl. After they finished hiking, we watched This Means War over at Brandon and Krystel's house and ate Panda Express. It wasn't as awesome of an eating experience as usual seeings how Dan and I are both still fighting off the stomach monster but the movie was funny and I got in some good cuddle time on the couch with Dan ♥
In other news, I'm really wanting to go on a trip up north! I am dying to see my grandma and to see my best friend, Natalie, and to see my cousins and aunt and uncle in Spanish Fork (you know who you are!) AND I really want to go to Seven Peaks! I say that every summer and it just never happens so I am determined to make it there this summer!

Can you believe these pictures? I stole them from my cousin, Melissa's, Facebook. She recently took a trip to Italy and then India! Ahhh! So jealous! Check out her blog to hear more.


Unknown said...

1. Mr. Deeds
2. If you make it up here and want a 7 Peaks companion I have a pass. Wooh!

Kelcie said...

Also, usually it makes me sign in after I comment so you see who wrote it, but this time it did not. Weeeird! -Kelcie

Lisa said...

Hahaha! We do, indeed, know who we are! :) So, what's taking you so long to get up here? Come on up and see us...and we'll all go to Seven Peaks! We'd love to see you, too!