June 20, 2012

Must List Of Summer

I was reading Busy Bee Lauren's blog today and thought it would be fun to go ahead and share my list of summer "musts" as she did! Maybe it'll help me to remember to soak up the sun and be happy this summer rather than sit on my booty doing nothing (aside from watching countless episodes from my latest obsession show on Netflix). Isn't summer supposed to be fun??
Now, mind you, so far this summer has been pretty rad BUT there's always room for improvement right? Dan and I were able to go to his family reunion this last weekend and we had a blast but we both came home sick with the stomach bug of doom, thus, I proceeded to spend all yesterday after work laying on my soft brown couch watching Charmed and attempting to do my own gel nails (from far away they look good... uhhhhh...). SO I'm needing a kind of "pick-me-up" today in the form of getting excited and having plans for summer (instead of dwelling on the fact that I'm still feeling sick-ish, I'm at work, I'm missing my other work's (theater) lake trip, and Dan is going to hike Kannarra Falls without me cause I'm choosing not to go)
And with that, I give you Liz's Summer "Must" List (and also, random photos of the family reunion this weekend)...

Summer 2012 Must Haves:
a. snow cones from The Tiki Shack and fro-yo from Krave
b. new sandals
c. the A/C in my house fixed (Dan...)
d. watermelon!
e. BBQ's and trips to the cabins
f. lots of swimming
g. a tan on my legs

Summer 2012 Must Do's:
a. get a Fuji Film Instax Mini so I can take lots of fun instant photos
b. Groovefest, July Jamboree, and Ren Fair
c. bike rides and bonfires
d. picnic date night with Dan
e. read a book
f. cabin/camping trips and lake trips
g. Acapellastock in August!
h. become better at hiking and a pro at doing my own nails (gel)
i. Seven Peaks!?

Summer 2012 Must Feels:
a. happy
b. exciting
c. in love
d. dreamy
e. blessed
f. spontaneous/outgoing
g. healthy
h. daring
i. relaxed


Brenna said...

It's so good to see your beautiful face again! haha! Hope all is well!

Nathan and Kristen said...

This is an excellent idea! And what a great list! I really hope you get feeling better!