June 25, 2012


Golden Year Birthday was truly golden.
The whole weekend was a blast and I got to spend it with almost all of my favorite people.

Friday night we went to the Groovefest and we got our first snow cones of the season from The Tiki Shack (mmm!). We hung out with both of our families and even Koda was there to share the evening with us. To finish out a great night, Dan surprised me with my birthday present a bit early!

Oh you guys, it is the best birthday present! SO FUN! Dan definitely did a good job! The camera is one of those instant ones where the picture just pops right out of the camera... ♥ love me some instant photos! I spent the whole rest of my night taking photos. Dan and his cousin, Alyssa, got to be my very first models. Lucky them!

Saturday was my actual birthday and I got to start it off by waking up at 8am to go pick up our Bountiful Basket with my mom and Alyssa. We love Bountiful Baskets... Such a good deal! Check it out. Serrrriously. Then we all got ready for the day and headed to the movie theater to watch Brave. What a cute movie! AND thanks to good ol' Facebook everyone at the theater wished me a happy birthday. haha It was fun!

After the movie, we decided to eat a late lunch at Lupita's Mexican Restaurant. It was very yummy and we even splurged a bit and tried some fried ice cream. Talk. About. Delicious. Oh. My. Gosh! If you have not tried the stuff before, then you MUST. It is glorious!

When we finished at Lupita's we decided to go have a looksie at the Antique Mall at the Depot on Main Street. They have a lot of beautiful old items and some fun hats hehe Aren't I sexy?

The rest of the evenings planned involved reservations at Milt's up the canyon but we ate such a late lunch that I was full and had kind of a stomach ache due to the fact that I ate ice cream and ice cream makes me a bit sick, unfortunately... SO, I asked Dan if it'd be ok if we cancelled our reservations and did something else. He said that'd be ok so we went home to lay down for a bit and relax. I ended up falling asleep on the couch on Dan's leg haha while he watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy. I woke up promptly after the show was over and Dan said he thought maybe a walk up the canyon would help us feel better and wake us up. He then told me I should change into something more comfortable like gym shorts and a t-shirt. I really tried to resist the clothing change but he was very insistent and then said I might want to be in something I wouldn't mind getting wet in... this is when I became suspicious of these plans to go "on a walk".

If I remember right, this is how Dan surprised me with dinner last year haha poor guy had to try to recover his surprise plans and we went to the canyon park. As we pulled in the parking lot, I began to see lots of familiar vehicles and that's when I knew... surprise party! haha Dan had reserved the park for my party, made me a cake, invited all our friends and family, filled up water balloons for water balloon volleyball, and prepared a BBQ all for me! Oh what a good time!

Cake was smashed into faces and hair and water balloon volleyball turned into a huge water fight so after the party, Dan and I headed home to clean up and to spend some time with just the two of us. We had a great conversation about life and the gospel (which was cool because our lesson in Gospel Principles was just a continuation of our conversation) and then Dan sang me "Happy Birthday" and gave me a kiss and I was officially 23!

Here's to a great year #23!


Nathan and Kristen said...

What a fun birthday! I'm so glad it was good! And wow! Way to go Dan for pulling off that surprise.

Lisa said...

That Dan...he's just the sweetest guy I know!! He did awesome...sounds like a perfect day! :)

Brenna said...

Hey I got a camera like that here in China!!! It is awesome! I love it so much, I'm glad he got you one! What a great hubby:) I hope you had a great birthday! Happy Birthday wishes sent to you all the way from China!!

Melissa said...

sounds like such a wonderful birthday!