June 27, 2012

Several Things

Several things happened last night. Some were yummy, some were painful, some were beyond awesome, and some were just...fun haha
1. Let us begin with "yummy": My mother-in-law's bf, Mark, made steaks for the fam last night and I had to work so what happened? Dan brought me some for dinner! Mmmm!
2. "Painful": After Dan brought me dinner, we were closing up. Each night we have to take the drink heads off the soda machines and wash them in soda nozzle cleaner mixed with water in a 5 gal. bucket... So, I was in the back getting the bucket of water to clean them and I started heading back up front to get cleaning with the bucket in my arms. Little did I know, there was a small puddle of water on the floor. I stepped right in that puddle and then both of my feet came out from under me... I tried to catch myself on the wall and proceeded to punch the wall instead and wack my elbow on the floor as I fell, dumping the entire bucket of water all over myself and the floor. I was soaked.  Let's just say, my butt and elbow hurt something good today haha
3. "Beyond awesome": Becca got her wisdom teeth out yesterday (poor girl haha) so Dan and I brought her some sherbet ice cream when I got off work at 11pm. We were debating whether to go that late or just go tomorrow but boy am I glad we went when we did! When we pulled in the driveway there was a new car parked in front of us and we couldn't figure out who it was... until someone started peeking out the front window of the house to see who was there. It was my cousins, Melissa, Nick, and Alex and my Aunt Lisa!! They had just driven down spur of the moment from Spanish Fork to test out the new ride! Ahhh! I only saw them for a moment but it totally made my night! (Love you Henrie's!! So glad we saw you guys!)

4. And now for the "just...fun": After we hit up my family's house, we went to Dan's mom's house to drop off Christina and have Cody cut Dan's hair. Chrissy spilled the beans in the car that they were planning to put designs in Dan's hair and I was totally against it! I was picturing random bald spot designs and I was NOT up for that haha but they did it anyway and it actually doesn't look bad! It's kinda fun. Cody cut Dan's hair and then cut a star shape into it. Not even any giant bald spots! haha What do ya think?

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Melissa said...

it's a GOOD thing you stopped by late to deliver ice cream or you woulda missed the best surprise ever! i was wondering when you were gonna get off all night so i could walk down to your house...glad i saw ya!!