May 21, 2012

Theater Eclipse

Oh, this weekend happened to be a crazy one.Friday I worked at the box office from 8am-noon then at the movie theater (Fiddlers 6) from 12:45pm-6:30pm.
During work, we helped one of the managers, Denny, bring in some film and it started hailing. The hail was crazy... just about the size of your eyeball! Welts definitely happened, people.

After work, I made myself a quick dinner and headed back to work at the movie theater (Stadium 8). I got off around 3am, which was when I decided it would be pointless to go to bed (I had a meeting in 3 hours and Dan was at Father's and Son's with our ward anyway).
So at 3, I drove back over to Fids and "helped" Becca and Steph clean the theaters. "Helping" involved me singing loudly to the music on my sisters' ipods while dancing like a crazy lady in the empty theaters. It was fun and definitely helped keep me awake (that and the Redbull and Dr. Pepper I had...).
At about 5am we went to my house to take quick showers and then Steph drove Becca and me up to Stadium 8 to meet with our co-workers to carpool to St. George for a meeting with our new owners, Larry H. Miller Megaplex.
I rode with Spencer Johnson, Amanda Jolley, Landon Peterson, and Ashley Forsyth. We listened to Japanese music the whole way to St. George and had awesome conversations (Love my co-workers!).
At the meeting, we learned more about what will happen with the "Megaplex takeover", got our photos taken for our new ID badges, and took drug tests (yay for peeing in a cup with people you work with! haha). No worries, I passed.
When I got back from St. George, Dan was just returning from Father's and Son's so I talked to him
for a minute before I completely crashed. I made it 30 hours before the exhaustion took over...

When I finally woke up around 4pm, Dan had been out doing some yard work and found out we had a sprinkler system in our front yard so we went up to Home Depot to get some parts to fix it up.
While there we bought plants for our yard and so we spent the rest of our Saturday planting those and fixing the sprinkler system. Our front yard is starting to look really cute!
Sunday morning, Dan had a meeting for Elder's Quorum at 8am and when he got back he was really cute. Cody had slept over because he helped us with the yard the day before and Dan woke Cody up with his "It's a great day to be a polar bear" song and then woke me up with a kiss (I love that guy).
Once we were up, we ate breakfast together and then took Cody home and Dan and I went to sacrament meeting. It was a good morning ♥
I worked my first Sunday after church at Stadium 8 and had my first experience helping with inventory. It was actually kind of fun... we played that Guess-who-I-am game where you have to guess the card taped to your head to decide what stock you had to count up and it was hilarious! I ended up being Justin Bieber but we also had Barbie, Captain Underpants, Beyonce, and a boy we work with haha.
Then when we finished with inventory we got to have rootbeer floats because we had ice cream left over from the work party they had the night before.

My feet were killing me by the time I got off work at 6:30pm but it was all good because Dan picked me up to go to Jeremy's house in Hamilton Fort to watch the eclipse!
Dan's whole family was over there so we had a BBQ while we watched the "ring of fire". It was so cool!
My family watched it in the "sweet spot" of Kannarraville along with the other 10,000 people who drove there just to watch the eclipse. Can you believe that?? 10,000 people!! Kannarra's never seen that many people! haha It was such a big deal, it was even on the news and Steph's boyfriend, Mike got interviewed for it!

Today, Dan and I are going to look at a truck for sale. Cross your fingers that we can get it!


Alyssa Kaylee said...

What a fun, crazy weekend!! I hope you get your truck, I'm super jealous. I love the flowers in your yard, ps.

Melissa said...

i'm totally digging the flowers in the well. cute!