May 23, 2012

All Growed Up

These last two weeks have been concert central for my families seeings how school for the young'ns is out this weekend for summer.
Last week was Erin's 6th grade orchestra concert and Cody's choir concert at CVHS.
This week was Collette's choir concert at CHS.
It's been fun to be able to watch and listen to the talents that all my awesome siblings have!

I, also, had the opportunity to babysit cute little Chloe (my good friends, Amber and Dan's, little girl) on the night of Cole's choir concert.
It was so fun; that girl is sure cute!
AND it gave me a small taste of motherhood... car-seats are NOT my friend and calming small fussy children during choir concerts is tough stuff... I need some practice haha

P.S. It's official. I'm an adult. I got a car loan all by myself in my name (with Dan's help haha)! So, Dan and I are now the proud owners of a newish truck! Woo Woo! Dan loves that thing... Isn't it awesome?

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Sammy said...

congrats on the truck thats awsome!