May 15, 2012


I've found me a new fave online music site.
It's called and it's really rad!
Each day it says the day and then you get to pick what you'd like for that day.
Today I chose music for confidence. Rocker style.
Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top? Awesome. Basically.

Also, today, I'm reading Janitors by Tyler Whitesides.
It's preeeetty good so far and I plan to finish it today! Cross your fingers that I do!
I'm excited to read it because when I was doing practicum in St. George at East Elementary, the author came to speak to the kids and he was really exciting and funny to listen to talk about his book.
It's a series so I'm excited to start it.

In other news, my Grandma Barclay is in town.
Last night we got her to play with our dog, Koda, in my parents' backyard haha It was funny
I'm so glad she's here!

P.S. I'm maybe thinking of doing Weight Watchers or something similar... Anyone have any advice???

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Kelcie said...

I started reading that book. I have the advanced readers copy. I kinda forgot about it though. I read about half of it and then finals hit and until I read this blogpost I totally forgot it existed. Probably doesn't bode well for it. Haha!