April 18, 2012

What the sponges?!

Uhm, so an FBI agent just stopped by the box office to have us direct him to one of the sports coaches here on campus...
He was conducting a criminal investigation on someone they might know
WOAH pretty leery if I say so myself.
Also, in campus news, one of the facilities people here on campus was cleaning up in the centrum after the ballroom dance concert on Saturday and he fell from the catwalk onto the cement stairs!
He broke TONS of bones but he IS alive!
Holy sponge! I can't even imagine how scary and horrible that must've been!

Ok, this song is just so summery and upbeat, I love it!
It's semi-repetative...ok, REALLY repetitive AND
I guess you could consider it a "teen song" but, hey, I'm ok with being a little "teen" sometimes...
But let me just say, boys with tats? NO THANKS!
HA! But the part in the vid where she is laying on the concrete making kiss faces while that boy she's crushin' on is checking on her... hahahahaha

In other news, I went bowling last night with a couple friends, their baby boy (Andrew) and my sis-in-law, Kaela and her cute baby boy, Jack.
It was Jack and Andrew's first time bowling and it was so fun!
What cuties!
The bowling alley was PACKED!
$2 bowling nights are cray-cray...

Also, Dan just did a landscaping job for his uncle and got a little bit of extra moola so he bought himself a new Kindle Fire yesterday.
That thing is the bomb dot com for real!
All the apps that thing has... and the picture on it is so good!
I played Fruit Ninja and Bejewled for forevers last night (he's so nice to share hehe)
Dan loves it so I'm glad he is happy.
It's fun to get new things.

P.S. "Holy sponge!" is a spin off from an accidental phrase I made up during class yesterday. You see, I meant for what I said to come out as, "What? The sponges?" and, instead, Marissa thought I said, "What the sponges?!?!" It was pretty comical. haha

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