April 16, 2012


Saturday was my first day of work at the movie theater.
I worked at Stadium 8 and I loved it!
Even though the floor got so slippery from popcorn oil that I almost fell and I got kamakazee'd by a burning hot popcorn kernel to the neck and I dumped half of a 5-gal. bucket of ice all over the soda machine, I felt like the day went well overall. haha
I loved all the people I got to work with during my shift and I got to hang out with my sister, Becca, at staff meeting. That's right, we're co-workers... it's pretty boss.
So I'm excited to do it all again tonight!

Also, I curled my hair today. I'm feeling very "Samantha Who?-ish". haha

P.S. Dan and I were so tired yesterday that we skipped church and took up residence on our couches all day long. We watched 16 episodes of Vampire Diaries in a row... Please don't judge us. We're only slightly addicted to that show... slightly...


Nathan and Kristen said...

I LOVE your hair curled like that! You are beautiful! We drove by the theaters on Sat trying to decide if we wanted to see a movie. I totally thought about you and even tried peeking through the windows. Didn't see you though! haha.

The Jackson's said...

LOVE the hair curled!! I bet it is SO fun for you and Becca to work together (and for the coworkers to have the 2 of you at once!) I wish I lived there so I could come see a movie...I mean the two of you and have you wait on me. Did I mention that I LOVE your hair curled :)

Melissa said...

cute hair! and it sounds like your first day on the job was quite spectacular

Heather said...

I love love love vd and Im addicted too