April 19, 2012

Awk & Awe

-Finding men's underwear in the theater the other night. Don't know what it is you are up to in Cabin in the Woods but it needs to stop.
-Hearing what may or may not have been growling coming from the old man reading magazines behind me in the SUU library. Sketchy.
-The fact that today is Thursday and I've thought it was Tuesday all day so I was 20 minutes late to work. Sorry, customers of Little Women.
-My left eye is constantly watering.
-The things Dan says to my sisters sometimes... yeah.
-I didn't have class today AND we finished IQ testing! IQ tests are tedious and boring and long so try to avoid them at all costs. Let's just hope that I get some score above 70, yeah?
-I went to dinner with Becca at Costa and it was yummy! Sweet Pork Salad basically makes my life. And sister talk time was much needed.
-Cedar finally has a new clothing store! 'Bout time. Welcome, Rue 21!
-The weather has been absolutely GORG' today. It's beginning to feel like summer. Looooove it!
-I beat Dan's high score on Jeweled. That's right.
-Dan took me to get fro-yo at Krave. Mmmm!
-We're playing Frisbee Golf at the university tomorrow with Bec and Paul. So excited!
-Making a trip to St. George on Saturday to go to a session at the Temple and visiting Dan's grandparents. Yay!
-First work partay at the theater on Saturday night...


Laura Eve said...

WE HAVE A RUE 21!!! WHAT when did this happen??? Where is it?

Nathan and Kristen said...

haha ewww underwear at the theater. I'm happy to see you have more awesome moments than awkward moments.