April 23, 2012

Too Old?

Saturday is a special day, it's the day we get ready for Sunday do so many things that we sleep all the way through church on Sunday.
Haha but seriously, Saturday was a good day. LONG but good.
6am We helped Becca clean the Fiddlers 6 movie theater. To blow all the popcorn out from under all the seats they use electric leaf blowers and it's a pain in the booty cause the cords get all tangled in the seats and such SO Dan brought his backpack gas-powered leaf blower and we got done in almost half the time! Plus, Dan loved being able to use that thing... men and their power-tools, you know.

8am-11am We dropped Bec off and then went home to shower, get pretty, and eat some lunch while watching a little Vampire Diaries before going to pick up Christina to go to St. George. I got to wear my new dress from Rue 21 and sport my new purse and perfume for the day so I was happy.
12pm We jumped on the freeway in my mother-in-law's truck...
1-ish pm We arrived in St. George/Santa Clara at the baseball fields where all-star baseball tournaments for Dan's cousin, Stockton, were going on. We watched some of the game, talked with Dan's Grandpa Rigby, and ate Otter Pops (yum!). It was gloriously hot outside (97°) so I was glad that my dress was light and breezy.
3:30pm We visited Dan's Grandma Rigby at their house and Dan changed into his suit. Also, I found out that I love Jordan Almonds. So good.

5pm We headed to the Temple for the 5:20 endowment session with our ward for ward temple night that we are in charge of. We got dressed and were into the chapel to go into the session by 5:22 and found out that we had just barely missed it and had to wait until the 6pm session. We were a little disappointed cause we had no idea who was there from our ward but by the end of the session we were just happy that we had come. We love the Temple and are so blessed to have one so close.
8pm We went to dinner at Golden Corral and stuffed our faces! It was packed there and I'm pretty sure everyone from the temple were there for dinner too haha But it was good. Dan even fed me chocolate covered strawberries! Yuuuum!
10pm We jumped on the freeway headed for home
11-ish pm We arrived in Cedar and went straight to Dan's parents to take the truck back and kill time til my work party at midnight
11:45pm We drove over to Paul's house so we could follow Becca and Paul to Stadium 8 for the party.
12am We arrived at the party. About a million people were there. Our staff is HUGE... I mean, I got hired with 19 other people! So for the first of the party we all stood around talking and eating. They had sandwiches, wraps, and Winger's Sticky Fingers (mmm!) plus all the soda you could ever want from the soda machines behind concessions. After we finished eating we all headed into Theater 5 to watch the movies some of the managers and other employees had made for The St. George Film Festival. Some were creepy and others were funny. I was glad we got to see them! The people I work with are so talented. By far, the best one had to be Westates the Musical 2. It had songs from other musicals revamped with lyrics about working at the theater and it was hilarious! I was glad we went. It was so fun! We left before karaoke on the big screen but we were exhausted! I don't know how Becca did it... she stayed for the whole party and then stayed to clean the theaters!
3am We got home and were getting ready for bed when we noticed there were about 4 wasps chillin' around our bedroom window (on the inside)! Apparently, our window has become home to these wasps and I'm not very happy about it. We need to get some wasp spray but until then we'll just use the foam cleaner Dan found in the garage to sedate them and then kill them haha 
3:45am We were finally asleep in our beds.

Dan had an Elder's Quorum meeting he needed to be to at 8am on Sunday but did that happen? No. Apparently, I turned over and said, "Honey, are you going to get up for your meetings? You don't have to..." so he said no and then I took the dogs outside but I don't ever remember coming back to bed. Next thing I know, we're waking up and it's 12:45pm. We had slept all the way through sacrament AND Sunday school and Dan was supposed to say the closing prayer in sacrament meeting! Oops! 

Guess we're getting too old for all night parties... haha

P.S. I found a new free photo editor online. PicMonkey. Check it.

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