April 27, 2012

Gotta Let You Go

In the words of Busy Bee Lauren, "The literal worst" happened yesterday. While Dan and I were eating at Costa Vida, Roxy got out of her pen and attacked a little dog down the street. I was so shocked! She hasn't gotten out of our yard in about 2 months and she's not usually mean. I, also, felt bad for the other dog owners... they had to take their dog to the vet because Roxy ripped it's shoulder up pretty good. Luckily, the vet didn't really have to do much and the dog will be ok but we are having to give up Roxy because she can't be in our neighborhood anymore or she'll be taken away. Losing a pet is pretty much the saddest thing. We've had her for almost exactly a year now and she's definitely family. I will miss her so much so if anyone knows of anyone looking for a really cute, friendly dog, let me know. I'm really wanting her to go to a good family cause she's so loving, cuddly, and fun. Koda is a lone dog now and, boy, is he missing his sister.

[Swimsuit: Down East Basics]

In other news, while today is a day of work, finishing 3 online finals and one paper, tomorrow is a day of sun, sand hollow, boating, swimming, tubing, volleyball, food, and friends. I'm so excited! We're going with Kara and Shaun Cox, Katherine Gledhill and Kyle Parker, Jeremy, Kaela, and Jack, and Tasha, Amos, and  Andrew. It will be so fun! Plus, I got a new swim suit that I'm dying to wear!

Also, Dan's been working very hard the last few weeks on landscaping his Grandpa and Uncle's new office. It's not quite finished, but doesn't it look so good? My hubby's so talented.


Nathan and Kristen said...

I'm so sorry you had to give your dog up :( that's so sad!! Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned though!! Enjoy it!!

Melissa said...

that is soooo sad about your dog!!

Alyssa Kaylee said...

I'm so sorry about Roxy! :( I hope you find a good home for her!