April 11, 2012


It's raining outside today and it smells so pretty and springy!
Nature, you can bring me all the rain you want! Just NO snow. Thanks.
I really do love rain. I can't pinpoint for you why it is so awesome, but it is just so refreshing.
Dan is outside doing some landscaping in it... and I'm at work.

Speaking of work...
I got that job at the movie theater! That's right.
Boo-ya! I was SO un-necessarily nervous about my interview, it wasn't even funny. HA.
Seriously though.
That was my very first interview and I must say, I aced it. (Bragging moment)
I think that what really brought it home for them was that I said my favorite movies included The Emperor's New Groove and Despicable Me.
Hil. Ar. I. Ous.
And they agreed. haha

Also, I bought some new shampoo and conditioner, some mousse, a new comb (so I can fluff up the volume), and some volumizing powder today and I feel like a new woman!
I can finally start doing my hair like the hair salon did it and I'm loving my hair cut even more.
If you're looking for some volume in your hair, you really ought to try got2b Powder'ful.

They introduced me to this stuff at the hair salon and I'm diggin' it.
Cheap, so easy to use, and it doesn't make your hair feel all nast' like hairspray does.
Also, it smells nice and, apparently, I'm all about the good smells today.


Nathan and Kristen said...

Yay! congrats on getting the job! I look forward to seeing you around at the theater. Oooh and I love the rain too! It's just refreshing.

Melissa said...

you love emporers new groove! i still remember that time when we were like 9 and 10 at artic circle and u telling me all about it when it came out