April 30, 2012


Saturday's Sand Hollow adventure was grand!
We arrived at 10am and Kara and I sent the boys off to set up the boat and stuff while she helped me edit some of my bridal pics my dad did way back in the day the week before our wedding.
You guys, Kara is making those things pop! My dad did a good job!
I can't wait to show off the edits!

Then we drove to Sand Hollow and met up with the boys.
Kara's grandpa had let us rent the boat for the day for $75 so that Dan and Shaun could drive around some high schoolers (that work with Dan) for a day date and then we could use it the rest of the day.
Unfortunately, the boat was giving them lots of grief. They got it in the water before realizing that the ignition was shot and had to drag it back out of the water to go get it fixed.
So we set up our volleyball net so the high schoolers could be entertained, met up with Katherine (my friend from my class) and her boyfriend, Kyle (Dan's other mission companion), and headed into Hurricane to see about fixing the boat.

After all was said and done, we finally figured out how to get the boat running and we were on the water around 4pm just after the high schoolers had left.
Jeremy, Kaela, Jack, Tasha, Amos, and Andrew had arrived just before we got back to the lake to do a little four-wheeling so we ate with them (some random dog came up and ate my sandwich right off the table!) and then took off on the boat.
We were on the boat for about 40 minutes and each couple got two turns riding on the tube. After that it got a little windy.
It was so fun! I was a bit scared... haha and the water was freezing but I had such a fun time being with our friends and my sexy hubby!
It's such a small world with all the connections we have between all our friends! It sure makes things fun!
After boating, Dan and I went over to Shaun and Kara's for pizza and games. It was a great day!

AND since the boat gave us so much trouble, we get to take it out for one more day of our choice for free :) Camping, here we come!


Alyssa Kaylee said...

So much fun! I'm excited to hang out with you guys this summer! :)

Melissa said...

k so that guy kyle...i know him. haha