February 17, 2012

The week of love and other things.

Monday, my sister, Becca, went on her Valentine's date with her "sweetie", Paul, because he had to work on the actual holiday. It was just pure luck that Dan and I were over at my parents' house visiting when they came back from the date because... I ran outside all sneaky like down to Paul's car. I crouched down until I was just below Paul's driver-side window and then I popped my head up and stared at them until they noticed me. Yes, it was great. I scared the crap right out of Paul and Becca sat there laughing her head off. I may have face planted it into the snow running up the grass to escape the snowball fire I was getting but it was funny so it was worth it. haha Don't mind that I was dressed like a goofball. Cold and comfort outweighs beauty.

Tuesday (THE day of love itself), I skipped all my classes and Dan had the day off of work. It was grand. I don't remember what we did exactly but I do remember that it was awesome being able to spend the day with my sweetheart. Dan made me a VERY yummy, VERY romantic dinner that evening and then we went to the Harlem Globetrotters at SUU. It was a blast! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband ♥ We also got Valentine's from Amber and Dan, my dad, my grandpa, Dan's grandparent's, and Dan's mom. We love feeling so loved!! Thanks, fam and friends!

Wednesday, I had practicum at East Elementary School all day. I got to be in Mrs. Carpenter's class and it was so fun! I'm so excited to be a teacher. When I was leaving the school, I saw one of the first grade girls that I taught last semester. She came running over to me saying, "SUU, SUU! Hi! I've missed you so much! Can you come back to my class tomorrow??" She then gave me a big hug and I said, "Oh, I don't thing I can tomorrow but maybe another time." She said, "Ok, bye, SUU, I love you!" It was the cutest thing! Even though my name is SUU to her, it makes me happy that she remembered me. When I got home from that, Dan made me tacos for dinner (I could really get used to him making me dinner) and then Dan, Jeremy, and I went to donate blood for the Red Cross at our church building. We had a race to see who could fill their bag with blood the fastest (yes, we're sick) and, unfortunately, Jeremy won with 5 min 21 sec. I came in second with 5 min 25 sec and Dan came in third with 6 min. I almost wasn't able to give because apparently, I have low iron levels BUT they pricked my other hand and it jumped from a 12.0 to a 12.8 iron level. Bam!

Thursday, was pretty lame. I did practicum for Special Education at Cedar High and it was... well, not my favorite, but whatever. It all started with me falling into the street after slipping on some ice trying to scrape the ice off my windshield and a rock slicing open my hand. I was already running late so I was not very happy. A few funny things happened though during the reading class with kids with severe disabilities, one kid randomly said, "Mrs. Massey, my face is on fire!!" So she said, "Oh, are you getting a fever?" He starts laughing super hard and says, "No, I'm just messin' with ya!" Another kid that was in a motorized wheelchair was flirtin' it up with one of the girls in my group, only he couldn't really talk so he made lots of facial expressions like raising his eyebrows or winking and he was using his wheelchair functions to show off for her. It was hilarious! So even though it wasn't the best experience as far as convincing me I want to teach high school, the kids are still so great! AND I got to go to lunch with Collette so that was great. I pretty much spent the rest of the evening watching random shows on Netflix and eating cereal and pudding for dinner since Dan was at work. Yes, me and the dogs had a grand ol' time.

Today is Friday and TGIF! I'm ready for the looooooonnnnnng President's Day weekend! I had no class today, just work so as soon as 5pm hits, I'm outta here and ready for some fun and relaxation mixed with a little house cleaning (oh yeah!). Tonight, Dan and I are double dating with Bryan and Mickel and we're going to see The Vow. I've heard it's good so I am excited.

Happy weekend, y'all! haha

**P.S. Thanks to my mom's great advice about deductions on taxes, Dan and I got money back! Woohoo! Goodbye, stress!


Melissa said...

you look very sexy in your coat, pj pants, snow boats...very cute :) and the Vow is sooooo good

Nathan and Kristen said...

Cute pictures! You two always have something fun going on. What did you think of the vow? I loved it!