February 13, 2012

Snow Appropriate

The photo you see above is the SUU Journal we have here on campus.
Yes, that highlighted section is, in fact, a quote from yours truely.
I am now "famous" haha

Annnnywayy, last night Amber and Dan Shoemake came over to our house for dinner and games.
We had Hawaiian Haystacks (yum!) and Amber made the best cupcakes (seriously).
Their little girl, Chloe, was so fun to play with! Just the cutest thing!

We had a good night (besides the fact that we finished it off by trying to work on our taxes again...gag me.)

Then TODAY it snowed. AND snowed. AND snowed.
It is still coming down.
Guess all the prayers from everyone at church yesterday worked!
Love it but I need to wear more "snow appropriate shoes!"


Nathan and Kristen said...

Cute shoes! But your right..you should prob change em for a pair of boots the next few days ;) Oh and congrats on making it into the paper! You ARE famous!

Melissa said...

you are officially famous if they quote you in the newspaper. :)

Alyssa Kaylee said...

You ARE famous. You are so cool.