February 21, 2012

Bla. ha. ha.

WARNING: This post contains personal/stupid/meaningless/complaining nonsense from the mind of someone up way WAY past their bedtime. Don't read unless you want to know what I am REALLY like. haha

Tonight I needed someone to give me a big kick in the butt.
It all started with the fact that all sorts of way dumb stuff was going on with my dogs.
Sometimes they are really rather annoying and they make me so mad! (Anyone want to train them for me before I kill them?)
Needless to say I was grumpy and upset.
Dan got home from work and I continued to be grumpy even though he was the one who had to work all day on little sleep.
Well, that kid cheered me up a bit and I thought I was out of my grumpy mood...
BUT, apparently, I wasn't.
Sometimes things can be going totally great and I have to go and get this mind set of "I'm upset (over dumb DUMB things) and I am now going to whine and complain just because I feel like it".
Then things get completely un-great and my wonderful husband puts up with me even though I'm sure he'd rather shoot me.
Ugh. I don't even know why I started doing that.
Whining isn't fun, people.
It gets you nowhere and it just makes everything worse.
Especially when people (aka your husband) are trying everything they can to turn your grumpster-frown upside-down (rubbing your head, hugging you, calling you beautiful)...
So now that I've had time to breathe, I've stopped whining, and I'm in the living room on my computer instead of in bed sleeping with Dan, I realize how big of a baby I was being over NOTHING.
And how I was only being grumpy because I was tired. SO tired.
So like I said, someone needed to give me a big kick in the butt.
Dan won't do it. He loves me even when I'm acting a little baby/loser-ish...
But sometimes kicks in the butt are the best for people.
Especially people like me.

Lesson to be learned: Whining helps nothing.


Nathan and Kristen said...

aw. I think we ALL have those moments. I know I do!!! I'm sorry you had a bummer night! You are entitled to whine every now and then! Nothing wrong with it!

dani mcphie said...

Oh girl... I totally do this, probably more often then I would admit to... but you are not alone :)

Melissa said...

oh liz, like the other two comments - everyone has grumpy days sometimes for no real good reason at all. the other day i was just on edge all day and i couldn't even really peg why. you are one of the most awesome people i know so vent all you need to. some days call for it :)