February 22, 2012

3rd Counselor?

I totally got over the grumps.
Thanks for your sweet comments.
Sometimes it's good to feel that you are not alone.

So without further ado, yesterday was just funny.
We think Koda (our boy pups) is "in heat" ... that's the weirdest phrase... so he's peeing everywhere to "mark his territory"
Part of the reason I was so upset on Monday night was because Koda peed in my house twice that night, right after I had brought him in from being outside where he's free to pee anywhere he wants.
Dan said, "You know, it seems like he only does that when you're home by yourself." 
BUT then yesterday I get a text from Dan while I'm in class and our conversation goes like this:
D: Koda just peed on me
L: Ha ha oh honey I'm so sorry! I'd kill him!
D: I was just sitting on the couch and he walked up, lifted his leg, and peed!
HAHHAHA! Poor kid.
But it was funny. And Dan laughs about it too so it's all good haha.

Also, Sunday night my sisters (sis's and sis-in-law) spent the night at our house.
It was so fun!
They stayed up watching movies all night long AND we introduced Chrissy to She's The Man (hilarious movie!).
Then the next morning Dan and I watched some more movies with them before he had to leave to work.
THEN Becca took us ladies to see The Secret World of Arietty (cute anime version of The Borrowers).

And finally, Dan got a new calling as the THIRD (3rd) counselor in the Elders Quorum Presidency of our ward!
I've never heard of it before but I guess they do it when they have a really big quorum.
He gets set apart on Sunday.
I feel so blessed to know I am married to such a worthy priesthood holder.
It'll be great.

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