January 20, 2012

Something different

On Wednesday night, Dan and I did something completely out of the ordinary... We went to karaoke night at a bar here in town AND it was so fun. Seriously! We went with Dan's parents, our friends, Tracy and Merrill, and Dan's brother and his wife. Don't worry. We didn't drink. Well, unless you count water or cranberry juice mixed with Red Bull (gag)... I sang Stikwitu by The Pussy Cat Dolls (oh yeah! haha). Dan sang I'm Yours by Jason Mraz and Watching You by Rodney Atkins. We played pool and sang a group number of We Go Together from Grease. I ended up staying there way too late for a school night and didn't end up doing my homework until 1am... but it was totally worth it. We had a blast!

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