January 18, 2012


I spent my MLKjr Day (aka day off of school and work) adventuring with my Dad, Mom, Collette, and Erin in Zion National Park. It was wonderful! Apparently, my parents took me there as a little tiny kid but because I was a little tiny kid, I don't remember so I'm counting this as my first official visit to Zion. And it was awesome! It is seriously so beautiful there and I had a fun time being with my parents and two sisters. Thank goodness for free parks day! 

P.S. We rode through the long mountain tunnel there TWICE and it was not enough. No way near.

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The Jackson's said...

Since I have driven through the long tunnel and the short tunnel my whole life behind buses, and the fact that I went tunnel running and got caught, I really don't like that tunnel very much! I am however so glad you all enjoyed Zion so much. It is a really beautiful place. Did you see the Big horned Sheep?