January 27, 2012

Irrational Fear.

For anyone who knows my sister, Stephanie, you know she is a PRO at DI shopping.
And a while back I happened to call my sister, Collette, on my way home from Quizy's (aka Quizno's) and she was shopping with Steph at the DI.
I stopped in to say hey and see if I could possibly find some cute colored jeans (no luck)...
INSTEAD, Collette and I found old fur coats!
Yes, isn't it sexy??
We thought so, but Steph did not agree.
Turns out she has an irrational fear of, what she refers to as, "used fur".
Weird. I know.
BUT, lucky for Letta and I, we had an extremely fun time chasing her around DI wearing the coats trying to hug her.
Hil. Ar. I. Ous.

I love my sisters ♥

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Melissa said...

thats the cutest little story and it cracked me up :D i love you girls!