January 28, 2012

Girls Trip!

When your friend is a stay-at-home mamma who has 2 little ones to take care of all day and a full-time student for a hubby, what do you do to give her a little break??
Well, you take her away to the "big city" of St. George for 2 days, of course!

Krystel and I had a blast! We left yesterday at 6pm, ate dinner at Olive Garden (the hour wait to get a seat was SO worth it), and then we headed to our hotel. We stayed at the Ramada Inn and it was really nice. We hung out in the hot tub and we even tried jumping in the ice cold swimming pool (it was outdoors and seriously freezing). Then we headed back in for the night and after jumping on the beds (oh yeah) we watched a little tv and fell asleep. This morning we had breakfast and then went to do a little shopping.

I got back an hour before I had to work so I got to see my hubby for a little bit. It really makes you feel good to know you were missed and, boy, did I miss him too!! Even a night away feels like forever!

Isn't he cute??