January 7, 2012

Good Friends = Good times

Last night we got a phone call from our friends, Shaun and Kara, wondering if we could take their dog, Koda, because they couldn't keep him anymore.
We agreed because Koda is Roxy's brother AND because we love those dogs (we'll see how that goes).
SO, after saying "YES", they invited us to come on a hike with them this morning in St. George.
We were originally going to hike the Temple Quarry Hike up by the old airport but we decided to hike the 2nd Temple Quarry Hike because it was more of a "hike" and not just a path... according to Shaun's brother, Tim.
And a "hike" it was!
We headed out with Steve (Dan's dad), Shaun, Kara, and Shaun's brother's fam and for the first part of the hike, we got off the trail a bit and ended up hiking straight up the rock face (basically)...
Good times, good times.
BUT then, we made it to flat ground and it was a wonderful hike from then on.
After the hike we went to Pier 49 for pizza (so FREAKIN' amazing! mmmm!)

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