May 20, 2011

An Unexpected Journey.

Today I worked the afternoon instead of the morning like I usually do.
So, I rode with Dan to St. George to drop off and then pick up freight for his courier business.
When we got to St. George, Dan called his grandparents to see if we could stop by for a minute to visit (since they just recently moved from Highland to St. George).Instead, they invited us to come on The Temple Quarry Hike with their Young Single Adults ward from Highland.Along the way, they would have us stop and listen to a story about someone associated with the building of the temple, acted out by members of the ward.I learned so many things about the building of the St. George Temple and what faith it took from the members of the church back then.It was amazing to hear the willingness of the people to do the Lord's work.I met a few girls from the ward and I got some sun on this lovely pale skin of mine! Yay!Plus, the view was amazing!I have a good lookin' husband! ;)

Great hike, great time

If you'd like to go on this hike...
1- head to St. George
2- go up the hill toward the airport
3- take the first right at the top of the hill
4- park your car and start hiking

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
Hopefully it's not a waste of my time and the movie passes we've been saving to use for "free movies"

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Kelcie said...

That sounds amazing!
I'm going to Pirates tomorrow with a free movie pass and I'm hoping the saaaame thing. I heard it's good. Let me know!