January 9, 2012

Sushi Food

Today has been good.
I had only one class today.
It was super easy and we spent the whole time "getting to know each other".
We played that getting to know you BINGO game and I won. NBD.
Got some Reese's Pieces as the big prize. Love it!
Then I got my refund check and I paid off some bills and bought books.
AND I still have money left over for groceries and our 1 year anniversary activities this weekend!
To top it all off, my cute hubby brought me a sushi roll from Ninja.
It. Was. So. Good.
I ♥ that guy
Today is a good day.

Also, just thought I'd mention that Dan ate ketchup yesterday (he hates it) and we had lobster tail and crab legs for the first time.
It was awesome.
That's all.

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