December 16, 2011

King Pin

Dan and I both had the afternoon off today since we were planning to leave town today but can't until tomorrow.
SO, to refrain from watching 75 billion episodes of Burn Notice and staying in our pj's all day, we decided to go on a bowling afternoon date!
We ended up playing 3 games (Dan beat me on the first two and then I dominated the last one haha)

I also named all the bowling balls (for luck, ya know?) - my small yellow ball was named Lemon, the green ball was named Grassy, the cosmic space looking ball was named Space Ball, and this stupid red one was named Cherry Bomb (neither of us liked to use Cherry Bomb)
We laughed and flirted while high-fiving and kissing each other for every strike, spare, or gutter ball haha
AND we took a picture with "Santa" on our way out.

It was such a fun afternoon!
I love dates with my handsome hubby ♥

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