December 12, 2011


Today, I thought I'd take a little look-sie at all the 635 photos I've been so kindly tagged in on Facebook.
Let me just tell you, they are gems!
Take a peek.

♥ Just holding a gun as a child like I'm hardcore... nbd
♥ Riding an tube down "the redneck water-slide" in Heber
♥ Singing karaoke like a boss...
♥ 90s'in it up with our bows

♥ Photo-bombing people's photos like a pro
♥ Throwin' wanna-be gang signs with some Korean diplomats
♥ I think it's been properly established that photo-bombing is my specialty...
♥ Just hangin' out on the side of a busy road with a goat

♥ Just using my hoodie to keep me warm...
♥ "Totally excited" about the child's t-shirt with Twilight mega-star, Edward, on it
♥ Lookin' sex-ay at a football game in my fake zebra glasses... yeeeeeaaaahhh.
♥ Oh yeah! The tu-tu that keeps you from getting a speeding ticket. FACK-T!

♥ ...The split family shot at the Days of 47 parade. HA haha
♥ Keepin' it real on the couch at my cousins' house
♥ Playin' racquetball like a boss!
♥ Posing like the model I really am...

♥ Putting on my "angry face". Seriously, you know I'm angry when I start pointing at you...
♥ Me and my best friend, Mr. Floating-Llama-Head. Happy llama, Sad llama, mentally disturbed llama...
♥ Only the sickest underwater picture you'll ever see
♥ I married one sexy man! Woo!

♥ Being a great life guard (note how well we watch the pool...) with my awesome friend, Marianne
♥ Kickin' someone's butt at Wii Boxing
♥ Lookin' good for my first grade class picture with only the cheesiest of grins right on the front row. HA haha
♥ Always looking my best after being in the pool after-hours at work...

♥ The ONLY way I will ride a long-board on the canyon trail (sitting down)
♥ Flashing some tongue on swimming bus trips in HS
♥ Finger-painting better than any child and taking pictures in the bathroom mirror better than any high schooler ever will. HA haha.
♥ The fam. Back in the day.

"Be thankful the little things in your life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." -Robert Brault


Brenna said...

LOVE this post:)

Alyssa Kaylee said...

I love this! And I love that you take pictures every single place you go. :)

Melissa said... you are so stinking cute and awesome:)