November 10, 2011

Shining On Me

#108,203,759,723,483,294,858 Reason I Know Dan Loves Me: When I'm up doing homework at 12:30am and Dan has been asleep for a good two hours already, he'll wake up and the first thing out of his mouth is "Oh, you're still working on your project? Did you need me to get you anything? A water or something?" I laugh (cause he's still half asleep) and tell him no but thank you and he mumbles how much he loves me and how beautiful I am as he falls back asleep. He's so wonderful ♥

In other news, that homework I was up all night til 12:30am doing?
It was a lesson plan for my arts integration class.
And guess what?
My professor loved it!
I'm so happy haha sometimes I just have to brag to myself about myself so that I can feel good about myself...

Today has been a good day.
  1. I tried a new behavior strategy/token economy with my STAR reading student and it is working great.
  2. I got that lesson plan turned in and my professor loved it (bragging to myself again... that's the last time, I swear).
  3. I went to lunch with my mom to Lupitas and it was really yummy and we had a great chat. I love my mom!
  4. My dog didn't chew our carpet up this morning (luckily we fixed that hole by turning our carpet around... the hole's under our couch now haha)
  5. The weather is perfect today. Crisp, cool, and NOT windy or snowy. Just right.
  6. I finally figured out what the lyrics are to Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money (It says, Take me home tonight! It's just like Ronnie sang, "Be my little baby." Yeah, I know you were all wondering...). I hear the song practically everyday of my life at work listening to Star 98 FM and that part has been killing me (It's just like Ronnie sang!)

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