November 9, 2011

Lucky you're cute..

Sorry about being so blog MIA lately.
Let's just leave it at my life is boring.
Yes, it is.
BUT luckily (please read that with sarcasm), I have a cute little puppy to keep things interesting...

Look very closely at the photo above.
Yes, that is my carpet.
My NEW carpet.
And, yes, that is wood floor you can see peeking through the carpet.
Oh, because my cute little puppy decided to chew a hole through it at 2am.

Ugh! Children!
She's lucky she's cute.
Reeeeeeeeal lucky.


Brenna said...

oh I would punch her!

Nathan and Kristen said...

Noooo! Not your new carpet!!!

Alyssa Kaylee said...

Ooh, noooo! That's so awful! Give her back! ;)