October 31, 2011


Halloween has lasted a whole weekend and a day around here.
It's been fun!

Friday, I sold tickets to The Howl (the dance that SUU has every year) and then at midnight, Dan and I got to go to it.
We braved all the naked people (haha seriously, that's most people's ideas of costumes around here) and headed to the dance floor where we danced and danced and maybe even participated in a little PDA while dancing... hehehe smoochy smoochy

Saturday, we went to a Halloween party thrown by our good friends, Amber and Dan Shoemake.
It was a blast!
Dan and I spent 3/4 of our afternoon looking for a costume and we finally ended up dressed as M&M's (Dan was the bag and I was an m&m).

Aren't we cute?
Everyone at the party had awesome costumes and we spent the night eating Halloween themed food and playing Curses (hilarious!).

Kaela and Tyson as Corpse Bride 

Amber and Dan as Pirates (and not pictured was their cute little girl, Chloe, who was a mermaid) 

Andy, Candace, Avala, and Miles as The Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, Alice, and The White Rabbit

We Dan carved a pumpkin for the party because there was a pumpkin carving contest and because we were the only ones who brought one (haha), we won!
I thought the pumpkin turned out fabulous!

And this next part doesn't have to do with Halloween but I had one of the best nights on Saturday. Let's just say that my husband is totally romantic AND wonderful AND so sweet to me. We hadn't had much alone time all week, what with me being in St. George and both of us working like maniacs on Thursday and Friday, so on Saturday night I just wanted to be with Dan when we got home from the party. We decided that we were going to have a date night and spend the night watching a movie all snuggled up on the couch since Dan's dad was gone to visit the kids. When we got home (after our movie and candy run) I started putting in the movie and got us a blanket that we could lay with on the couch and Dan comes in carrying the matress from our extra bedroom. We totally had a campout in our livingroom! It was so much fun! We talked, ate candy, watched Something Borrowed (cute movie!), and snuggled until we fell asleep right there in our livingroom. I never would've thought of that but I loved it!

Sunday, was my sister, Becca's 19th birthday so we had our traditional birthday family dinner at my parents' house.
We pretty much had Thanksgiving dinner for her birthday, turkey and all (mmm!).
It was the bomb!
Then I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas at Jeremy and Kaela's while everyone else carved pumpkins and Steve played with Jack.
It was good times.
Jeremy carved a scene from Mario into his pumpkin!
It looked sweet!

Monday, was actual Halloween and I took a sick day from everything except one of my classes.
It was great!
I got my house cleaned, I layed around, and I watched all of season 1 of Criminal Minds.
I love Criminal Minds.
I NEED season 2.
In the one class I went to we got to make Oreo spiders and grade them using a rubric.

Marissa holding her spider creation

My cute little yummy spiders

So my professor dressed up as a rubric.
It was awesome!
You know you're a nerd when you think that's awesome... haha

So this was our first year having trick-or-treaters.
It was kind of fun!
My sisters (Becca and Erin) came over and so did Jeremy, Kaela, and Jack.
Roxy and Koko (Bryan and Mickel's dog) loved staring out the screen door at all the costume dressed kids haha

Happy Halloween!

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Kelcie said...

I disagree with you on Something Borrowed. I didn't like all the cheating and sleeping around. BUT I agree with you on Criminal Minds. I LOVE Reid.