October 12, 2011

That time...

Please ignore my grades... BUT the highlights are all I have left! Yay!

It's that time of year again.
What time, you might ask?
School schedule time. That's what.
Yeah, I know!
It came fast to me too.
We can register on October 25th.

So far (this could change at any time), I'm at 15 credits.
PLEASE CROSS YOUR FINGERS that I STAY at 15 credits and I don't get bumped to 18.
18 credits is what I'm at this semester and I'm DYING.
Ok, maybe I'm not dying but it does get pretty overwhelming at times...

Plus, I still need to leave some time for work, right?

Plans for tonight:
-Dan and I are going to Erin's first middle school orchestra concert (still can't believe she's in middle school) and that should be fun! She's so excited, it's cute
-Dan and I have a meeting with the bishop (hopefully we get callings!)

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