October 13, 2011

Familia and Stuff.

Last night, Dan and I went to Cedar Middle School to listen to Erin's orchestra concert with my family.
It was fun to listen to her class play their songs and fun to see how excited she was about all of it.
Gotta love those 6th graders!
Also, please love how crappy my camera is... dangit.

Then we rushed off to the church to meet with our bishop for a calling.
And we got a calling that we get to do together!
I'm really excited about it but I'll let you know what it is after Sunday...
I know, it's hard to wait but you can do it!

THEN we came home and took a nice little walk up to my parents' house.
We chatted with my family for awhile and then my wonderful mom pinned my pants for me so that she can hem them for me (like I said, that woman is wonderful!).
And then my parents gave us (Dan and me) a little souvenir from their trip last week to Jackson Hole, Wyoming (cause they're awesome).
They got us a game called The Bison Dice Game (anyone wanna have a game night?) and a huckleberry chocolate bar (yum!) cause they knew I loved huckleberries.
Aren't my parents so sweet to think of us?
On our way out the door, my mom gave us some yummy strawberry spinach pasta salad with poppy seed dressing (SO good) and a drain cleaner (FINALLY we have a clean tub drain!).

ALSO, when we got home, Dan's dad was just pulling into town.
He's going to live with us for awhile and work for Dan doing deliveries.

It was a good night.

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