October 11, 2011

Kid Art

Last night I was overly and unnecessarily worried about teaching and tutoring today at the elementary schools.
I didn't feel prepared for our group lesson we were supposed to teach at East Elementary and I didn't feel like I was doing a very good job as a tutor for reading at South Elementary...
I was just worried and stressed and probably most likely a little tired and emotional...
Sometimes life overwhelms me a bit, ok?

But today, I went to South to tutor my 2nd grader and he wasn't even there.
I know this sounds horrible, but I was somewhat relieved (NOT because I don't love tutoring the kid, I do) because I had another few days to be prepared.
And preparation was the reason I think I felt like I'm not very good at tutoring... imagine that... haha
SO come Thursday, that 2nd grader and I are going to have a blast reading, trust me!

Then I went to teach the 1st graders with my group at East.
We were all feeling nervous and unsure about our lesson plan but it was a hit!
Things went so great and the kids had so much fun learning (and that's the goal, right?)
The science objective was that the students would learn about the uses of rocks, soil, and water and the art objective was that the students would learn about textures and geometric shapes, so...

we had them get in four groups and create a picture using textures and geometric shapes to show the use of either rocks, soil, or water and here is what they came up with:

use of soil 

Use of water

 Use of water

Use of rock

Aren't their pictures so cute?
I was so happy with how everything turned out!

It's that feeling of accomplishment and confidence that I need to remember when I start thinking about teaching by myself one day.
Sometimes I get nervous about the prospect of doing something new and being in charge of it all and I forget that I could actually do a really good job with it all.
I might not be the best but I think I'll do alright as a teacher one day.

I just have to keep reminding myself...

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Nathan and Kristen said...

Remember how I blog stalk and comment every time? haha I'm sure it's getting annoying by now but I gotta say I LOVE what you did! I think you will most definitely make an AMAZING teacher someday. Keep up the good work teach ;)