October 26, 2011

St. Geezy

Welcome to today's post, where you get to feel like you are visiting a really crappy fashion blog.
BUT for my own personal documentation purposes, you get to deal with it.
Thank you and read on.
Pretty please. With cherries...

Can I just say how freaking much I love this school?
Can I, also, just say how freaking much I love the teachers here?
And can I say how freaking much I love the kids here?
AND I'm just going to say how much I'm loving the opportunity I got to come to St. George for practicum.

I am learning SO much and I'm getting opportunities to practice some of the things I've learned.
I've got to go to an IEP meeting (or an Individual Education Plan meeting for those of you who aren't in Special Education), I've got to observe awesome teachers (Mary Thompson and Gloria Pope), and I've now been able to teach groups for almost a whole day.

I will admit that it can be challenging (especially when you get those few behavior problem kids in your groups) but it is definitely more rewarding.
I feel like the things I'm having to deal with here will be such a help to me in my future teaching.
And coming here has definitely put my mind at ease about teaching.
Instead of being afraid, I'm excited to learn more and to get closer to finishing my degree!

Funny for the day:

During 2nd grade group reading, some of the boys started laughing really hard and couldn't stop after I told them a few times.
So after having to "put my foot down" (and try not to laugh with them), one of the boys said to me, "Mrs. Liz? I'm so sorry but we've just got the giggles!"
It was the cutest thing and when they are laughing it's hard not to yourself!

 Gerald Lund speaking at the tabernacle
In other non-practicum related business, Dan's grandma invited me to go with her and her visiting teaching partner to the tabernacle tonight to listen to the author, Gerald Lund, speak about his book called The Undaunted.
It. Was. So. Amazing.
He spoke about the pioneers who went to Hole In The Rock and what an amazing, faith building story that was.
If you haven't had the chance to read his book, then do!
I know I'm going to!
I'm so glad I got to go to that.

Also, I made goat cheese, raisin, thyme, and slivered almond stuffed chicken breast with Dan's grandma tonight.
Oh boy, was it good!

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