October 25, 2011

Teacher! Teacher!

Today I had the opportunity to teach at 3 schools.
Boy are kids funny!

FIRST I went to South Elementary in Cedar to tutor my 2nd grader in the STAR reading program.
We read a book called Farmer Brown Goes Round and Round and when it came to the part about goats, my boy said, "My grandma has a goat! It goes 'BLEHHHH! BLEHHHH!' (while sticking out his tongue). It's way annoying!" 
hahaha Oh how I wish you could've seen his face while he did this...

THEN I went to East Elementary in Cedar to teach the 1st graders for my arts integration class.
We taught them all about the appearance of the sun and moon during the day and about the rotations of the sun, moon, and earth through dance.
So for the dance, the students had to use loco-motor steps (running, jumping, walking, etc.) and axial movements (bending, stretching, twisting, etc.) to show the rotations of the moon around the earth and the earth around the sun.
Two girls in my group decided they'd be the sun.
So they bent their arms together in the middle and decided they would jump in place while the others rotated around them.
When they were done jumping I said, "Ok, good job, you can stop jumping now" and the little girls fell on the ground and one of them said, "OH good! I think my ankles are nearly broken from all my jumping!"

AND then I went to St. George to do my practicum for special education at East Elementary.
But before I left, I went to Quizno's (where Dan was having lunch) to say goodbye to Dan since I would be staying tonight and Wednesday night at his Grandma and Grandpa Rigby's house.
Well, when I got there I parked my car and walked across the parking lot and into Quizno's.
When I walked in the door, Dan was laughing with his Dad and I said, "Why are you two laughing so hard?"
You know what he said??
He said, "From across the parking lot, you looked like you weren't wearing a shirt! I was shocked!"
And that's what I get for wearing a nude colored shirt...

 Also, I have blurred my face on the count of I was looking totally cross-eyed... how embarrassing

In other news, I'm absolutely LOVING practicum.
I got to help with all the groups today and even help teach a little!
I'm thinking I was lucky to get paired with such an awesome teacher!

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