October 15, 2011


Friday, I told Bec I'd take her home from school after I got off work.
So we're driving Jimmy down 800 west, when Jimmy runs out of gas...
I get it around the corner and we jump out to push it to the side of the road (Bec in the back and me on the driver's side steering and pushing)
As we're pushing, these 2 boys see us and come running to help us (the highlight of the entire adventure for Bec *wink wink* She thought they were real hotties haha)
So the boys leave and Bec and I have a mini photo shoot/dance party to document that this is the first time I've EVER ran completely out of gas while we wait for Dan to come save us.
The fact that I ran out of gas might have had something to do with the fact that I drove around with it below the 'E' for several days... but we won't talk about that

Friday night was also, the night I went shooting for the first time in my whole life (not including the times I've shot a bb gun at the cabin, these are "real" guns).
I shot 4 guns with Dan and his dad, Steve.

Since I'm not sure what these guns are called I will say that I shot a smallish revolver, a mediumish revolver, a medium gun that shoots the shells out of it after it shoots the bullet (when I shot this one, the shell came out and wacked me in the face... haha), and a bigger gun that rests on my shoulder (this one was fun to shoot but it is heavier and more powerful than the others so it made me laugh hysterically every time I shot it... cause the force would make me jump).

I'd say, for that being my first time, I got a good variety in AND I'm pretty much the bomb dot com at shooting (ha... ok so maybe not but we'll pretend)

Also, today I got a hair cut.

It was just layers.
But I really like it.


Nathan and Kristen said...

pretty sure that is the cutest picture of you ever!!! I love that you are laughing in it. Looks like so much fun! p.s. I always drive around for days with my tank on empty. Pretty sure one of these days I'm gonna run into that situation myself.

Melissa said...

hahaha i love your termonology for the guns. I've grown up with 4 boys who like that stuff who tell me about it everyday and i still forget what its all called. :D oh and cute shirt *wink wink*