September 15, 2011

udate. (or uPdate for those of you who CAN spell...unlike me)

I'm slowly and surely becoming the WORST blogger.
SO just be glad you are getting an update... haha

Dan's van broke down.
So we were in search of a new vehicle for him to drive to work.
We applied for loans and such for this one van we found
but things were looking bleak...

Last night
We moved some of our stuff into our new place!
With the help of family and Bryan.
Woo! So happy to be in our new house!
But we were a little under stress from the fact that the van was broken and all the *bliss* that is moving...
AND Roxy and Koko kept sneaking out of the yard...
AND my Scentsy broke (sad)...
AND we were SO tired...
So we put away a few things and fell right asleep.

Dan drove Jimmy to work using a small Uhaul trailer (not ideal since the Jimmy is getting old)
and I was without a vehicle so Bryan took me to school with him
BUT then while I was at work, Dan called and our loan went through!!!
So we are now the proud owners of a greenish/blueish/blackish van of awesomeness that Dan can drive for work and such!
We were excited! (I'd be more excited if it were an Acadia buuuuttt... I'm excited for this too)

I'm making dinner at our new house (woo!)
Then we're buying a shower curtain rod, a clear shower curtain, and a microwave
And finishing moving everything from the old house into the new one,
cleaning the old and the new,
and setting the place up officially.

I'm happy. Things have gone our way today!

I promise to post pics ASAP!



The Jackson's said...

Don't forget to buy a new scentsy (or 2).

Brenna said...

glad all is well! that is awesome you are in a new house!:)