September 20, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy

 Recent "Happy"nings:

  • We got all moved in to our new place and are enjoying every minute of it!
  • On Friday, I got home from work and headed up the street to my family's house to watch the Canyon View High School homecoming parade (their first ever) with my sisters and Dan. I thought that was a fun tradition!
  • Dan and I worked ticketing for the SUU homecoming football game on Saturday. They totally kicked University of Texas San Antonio's booties!
  • We took Roxy to Urban Dogz to get her groomed (she is all nice and clean and totally soft!) since we are making her an in-the-house-dog
  • We went to our new ward (my old family ward) for the first time on Sunday (loved it!) and I got introduced in RS as a visitor and with my maiden name... haha we had to inform them we were actual members of the ward now
  • We went to Sunday dinner at my family's house and I made homemade spaghetti sauce and homemade meatballs (yummy!). We had fun talking and laughing during dinner as we told Collette all the things we liked about her for her birthday (our fun family tradition for birthdays) and then we taught Roxy to play fetch in the backyard. I love my family ♥
  • Monday morning I didn't have class so I slept in until 10:30am with Roxy on my comfy bed. She sleeps silly.
  • Last night I made dinner for Dan and Bryan and then we went over to his house to watch Priest (Ah, so fun to have him and Mickel as neighbors). I didn't get to finish cause I had to go to a group lesson planning meeting but I really want to because it was just getting good! So that's the plan for this week...
  • Tonight, Kaela is coming over for dinner with Jack (my cutie nephew) to have dinner since Jeremy is out of town for training to open up a new Quizno's here in town. It will be fun!

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Rebecca Barclay said...

Oh Liz, I totally enjoyed your spaghetti sauce with those meatballs... you can make them for me whenever you want! ha but I sure do wish I was back in the home ward, it makes things more fun with you there. I love your new blog design. it's lovely:)