September 6, 2011

Guess What?

We're moving!!
I may miss our cute little preschool basement a bit when we go but being in our new place will make me miss it less.
So goodbye to our first apartment that we've now lived in for 9 months (and Dan for a year).
We had some awesome times there!
Hello! to our cute new duplex right down the street from my parents and next door to some of our best friends!
Where I'm sure we'll have some even more awesome times! 
Great qualities of the new place (aside from the obvious company we'll be surrounded with :
-we can have our puppy there
-we can do what we want with the yard
-it has 3 bedrooms
-we can fit a kitchen table in our kitchen
-it is really cute inside
-we don't have to pay a deposit and we only have to pay half month's rent for this first month because the owners know me from when I lived with my parents (they are in their/our new ward)

I will post pics later (if I don't drown in the homework I have to do... seriously)
T -8 days and counting until the move 
Wish us luck!

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Nathan and Kristen said...

Yay!! I remember how excited I was when we moved out of our first and only apartment to a much nicer place with more space. It's the best!! Can't wait to see pictures! Very exciting for you two!