September 21, 2011

scary movies while the husband sleeps

Last night we went to the Hong Kong Buffet and Krave with Kaela and Jack. 
It was so fun!
Jack is the cutest and he's even cuter when he plays with Dan.
Also, I finished watching Priest while Dan was asleep. (It was really good!)
Lucky for me, he was laying next to me in bed while I was watching it cause I snuggled right up to him and even grabbed his side violently when it came to a scary part.
Lucky for him, he is a sound sleeper and didn't even flinch or wake up when I grabbed his side violently and maybe squealed a bit...

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Nathan and Kristen said...

I was just thinking the other day about you and your husband and wondering how you guys met! You guys are def SO cute together and I adore reading all about your lives :)