August 29, 2011

Sing it!

This weekend was rockin'!
Friday after work and school, Dan and I drove up to Midway to stay at the cabin we have there.
We arrived in Midway around 630pm and got some food to cook for dinner at The Store (seriously, it's called The Store).
We splurged and got steaks, corn-on-the-cob, salad, and other stuffs. Mmmm!
Then we drove up to our cabin.Shortly after we got there, we realized there was no power and headed next door to my Uncle Bruce and Aunt Nita's cabin to see if they had power.
No luck.
So we chatted with them awhile, collected some candles from them, and headed back to our place to start up the bbq.
While Dan (my grill master husband) grilled up the meats, we set out to lighting all the candles we could find in the place and BAM! romance was found (haha isn't it great how a candle-lit dinner creates that?)Our dinner was so yummy!
The power ended up coming back on at 1030pm (just as we were in bed going to sleep).
The next morning we woke up late (yes!) and then I made omelets while Dan cooked some sausage and cut up some cantaloupe.
After breakfast we lounged around awhile then got ready, cleaned everything up, and headed to Bountiful to meet my Uncle Todd and Aunt Lisa at my Grandma Barclay's house.
Midway was so beautiful and it was so fun spending some time with my honey!When we got to Bountiful, we chatted with my grandma for a bit before they came to pick us up to go to Ogden for dinner at Texas Road House and the A Cappella Stock with my mom and dad.A Cappella Stock is this concert with about 5 bands (Vocalocity, The Coats, Sonos, T Minus 5, and Infrared) who sing songs and do all the instrumental noises with just their mouths.
Kind of like NBC's The Sing Off for those of you who have seen that...
The show was AMAZING!
We loved every minute of it!This is a clip of the final song (with everyone):

After the concert we took some pics and got cds then we spent the night in Bountiful at my grandma's.
Sunday we slept in (again) and then Dan and I headed to Payson to visit Dan's family.
It was fun!
I helped Chrissy put music on her mp3 player, we spent some time at Domino's (where Dan's parents work), and then we went to dinner at Olive Garden with Dan's mom and dad.
The ride home was so beautiful - thunder/lightning storms were happening the whole way home and we loved it!

Wish the weekend could've gone on forever!


Nathan and Kristen said...

You are always up to something fun!! Sounds like a good time :)

Melissa said...

my parents said it was a blast, again! glad you got to go this time. I wanna see those guys live!