August 2, 2011

That's alright. That's ok.

So, Jimmy (my awesome vehicle) is, unfortunately, broken down.
That's right.
It's been a sad few weeks 'round here at the Johnson house without our "get-around" vehicle.
Especially now that we only have our wonderful old van to get us around.
But really, it hasn't been too bad.
Fortunately, we live close to the university, and I can walk to work and back everyday.
It's actually been really nice.
Our neighborhood is really beautiful in the summertime!

But, in addition to seeing some beautiful sights, walking has also given me some "what the....???" moments.
You know, where you see something awkward or totally out of place and you go, "what the...???"
Yeah. I know you know it.

Examples of "what the...???" moments:
a. Walking home, almost to my house, I pass some girl and two boys going into a house. The girl says to the boys, "If you guys help me go to the bathroom, I'll help you." Uhmmm... what the...??? I'm hoping I just came in at the wrong time in the conversation...
b. Leaving work, walking out of my office, and looking down the hall just in time to see an OLD man CHANGING his clothes by the drinking fountains! Really?? What the...??? Change at your house!

Yes, well, that's all I can think of right now but you get the gist.
Lovely, right?

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Melissa said...

hahaha oh wow...those are definitely "what the???" moments.