July 31, 2011

Bridal Shower Weekend

While Dan is snoring, I am blogging.
Well kind of.
Does looking at other people's blogs count as "blogging"?
I'm going to say it does!
Especially since I'm taking time to actually write a little diddy for myself.
AND post some super cool pics!
Hello! We all know you luuuuuuv my pics.... (ok ok ok I know. Sometimes I go a little overboard on the pics)
But I just love taking them.

So this weekend, we traveled (like I said) to the northern of Utah.

Friday night? Payson.
We ate Mickey-Dee's (McDonalds) on the way up in the car and STILL went to dinner at the Payson Chinese Buffet.
I blame that on not eating lunch that day... yup... going with that.Saturday morning? Still Payson.
I had fun talking with my sister-in-law, Christina, and doing her hair.
That girl neeeeeds some sisters! Poor girl with all those brothers! *wink wink* haha

Saturday afternoon? Taylorsville.
My parentals picked me up from Payson and we drove to T-ville for Courtney's shower.
AND even though I may have kept the keys to the truck in my purse and we got to Spanish Fork before I realized it so we had to double back and add 30 minutes onto our trek and ended up being 30 minutes LATE for the shower, it was all good. How's that for a sentence? HA!
My cousins, Courtney, Mary Ann, and Crystal crack me up.
Mom and I had fun laughing with them.
Oh! And I even managed to spill ranch down the front of my shirt!
Can't have a party without that...
Saturday evening? West Jordan.
Karie's shower was right after Courtney's in Gardner Village.
Ok. For starters, GV is a-dor-a-ble. For real.
Dad, Mom, and I had a great time moseying around the place taking pictures and going in the shops.
I had about an hour to kill before the shower and they had the same before dinner with some of my Dad's old mission comps in Provo.
It worked out. Obviously.
I'm just waiting for Dad to post pics to facebook of me and Mom pretending to "have to potty" outside of a decorative outhouse. Yes, we are cool. haha
After they left I headed into the shower at Archibald's Restaurant.
That place is cute too and the food was yummy! (Lucky Dan has a nice G-ma who got an extra plate of food for him)
The shower was fun; getting to catch up with Dan's family.
I even got the surprise of getting asked to take pictures at the wedding!
I'm flattered but completely nervous! I'm a total amature!
But if Dad will let me borrow his camera, I'm going to give it all I've got!
Wish me luck!

Saturday later night? Drive home with G-ma Rigby.
Dan drove and I sat up front with him.
We chatted with Grandma and each other the whole way home.
It was great!

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