August 17, 2011

Sam and Mason//Engagements

Yesterday, I dipped into the world of photography and took some engagements for my friend, Sam, and her soon to be mister, Mason.
I don't think I'm anywhere near ever being good enough to keep this thing going as a career (I envy those of my friends who are) but I think it's a fun little hobby to have.
I am in love with taking pictures!
I love that pictures can capture all those fun moments so perfectly.
And as you can see from this blog and my facebook (for those of you w
ho are friends with me on fb), I feed that love by taking INSANE amounts of pics.
Luckily, I have a wonderful Dad who lets me borrow his fancy, expensi
ve camera to feed my picture taking addiction and pretend I'm a professional.

Sam and Mason were so fun to photograph!
They were so sweet to be my guinea pigs and would let me pose them however I wanted.
It was fabulous!
Not to mention, Sam's cute little girl, Nova!
That girl is always great to take pictures of because she is usually sporting some cheesy little grin that just melts your heart.
She got a little tired of it all towards the end of the session but what one year old wouldn't?
I'm so excited for Sam.
Mason makes her so happy and he's great with Nova.
Congrats, you two!
AND a HUGE thanks to my sister, Collette, and Sam's mom, Tracy, for helping me out and driving us to all the "great-photo-op" places.

I'm so happy with how the photos turned out!

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